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Welcome to the Death Cookie version 2.0 alpha!
WARNING: This is alpha software. Don't be too surprised if it breaks for a few minutes at a time as I add new features
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What is the Death Cookie?
Death Cookie is a message-oriented BBS system based on the Citadel BBS package. It shares quite a bit in common with the original Citadel in that it should work on a variety of systems and the source code is freely available (currently by request only until it is really ready to go).
The design of this web-based Death Cookie borrows heavily from Ed's Room

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Chris -- My biggest fear Larry is that my Dad is hiding on the moon.
Larry -- Don' be ridiculous...the moon must be a hundred miles from here.
Chris -- Don't you think I know that, idiot? I'm of course assuming that
first he fell into a time/space..porthole.
Larry -- Hey Chris, what happened to your head?
Chris -- Nothing.   Hey why the long face?
Larry -- uh oh Something's wrong with these berries.
Chris -- What makes you say that?
Larry -- Because they're messing up our vision. Maybe we shouldn't eat
Chris -- Did you just call me a whore?
Larry -- No
Chris -- Are you insinuating that I'm not good looking enough to be a floor?
Larry -- That's it! This is my side of the world. Until you feel like being
civilized---stay on your own side.
Chris -- Jeeze I'm so scared...I'm so frightened. The last thing I'd ever
want to do is touch your side of the world. 
(CHRIS touches Larry's S/O/W with a "Bink!"
Larry -- For the sake of our friendship I'm gonna pretend that didn't
happen......Like hell I will!!

(Larry tackles Chris)

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