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Welcome to the Death Cookie version 2.0 alpha!
WARNING: This is alpha software. Don't be too surprised if it breaks for a few minutes at a time as I add new features
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What is the Death Cookie?
Death Cookie is a message-oriented BBS system based on the Citadel BBS package. It shares quite a bit in common with the original Citadel in that it should work on a variety of systems and the source code is freely available (currently by request only until it is really ready to go).
The design of this web-based Death Cookie borrows heavily from Ed's Room

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        I was working for an outfit known as Islam, Inc., financed by
   A.J., the notorious Merchant of Sex, who scandalized international
   society when he appeared at the Duc de Ventre's ball as a walking
   penis covered by a huge condom emblazoned with the A.J. motto "They
   shall not pass."
        "Rather bad taste, old boy," said the Duke.
        To which A.J. replied: "Up yours, with Interzone K.Y." The
   reference  is to the K.Y. scandal which was still in a larval state
   at that time.  A.J.'s repartee often refers to future events.  He is
   a master of the delayed squelch.

                        -William S. Burroughs

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